Saturday, February 10, 2007

How the mind works!!!

I think that is how our mind works. You always keep thinking of what you are given the responsibility of. Same thing happened this morning. When traveling to Mumbai. The station where our train stopped for some time had a room with a board saying ‘station engineer’. This mind doesn’t read that, instead, I see it as ‘Selection engineer’ from where the hell did this Selection in place of Section?!!!
That’s what I called the work of the mind. I am on the way to Mumbai to attend and cover the Team India selection committee meeting. Well, there the word!!! SELECTION!!!
You might I am crazy isn’t it!! Well, may be I am! But, hey, I am sure, it must have happened to everybody. One will agree to it if they are honest at least to themselves!!!
Hmm… I am on the way now…Looking forward to the stay in Mumbai. Its going to be a hell of an experience I am sure. Going there after at least 8 months gap. But, the life and the times have changed drastically now. I am no more the Student Pradeep who had gone to Mumbai last time. It’s the assignment I am give to accomplish that has made me travel to the Business Hub of India this time.
Hope to have a rocking time there.

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