Sunday, December 20, 2009

Life needs a refresh button, not SHUT DOWN!

I know this life is going to be messy and lots of things happen in it on a regular basis. But this does not mean that your personal life is hindered because of that.
It is not very long ago since I met this friend of mine who was going through a phase in his life where he wanted a change. A change from everything he was going through, his friends, his closest relatives and more importantly from his long term girl friend. But this does not mean that he is going through a depression. he is just going through a phase where his mind is saying I need to take a break from everything I do and start life afresh.
I think we come across people of similar feelings at least once in our lifetime. I do not say that this happens to everyone. But this definitely is a classic example of the short term disturbed mind.
The simple solution according to me is to actually take that break you want to take.
This is subjective. A break for me would mean going on a short or long term trip to some place far (if my pocket permits me, that is!), or to go to one's native place and be with the parents for a while (if you are ready to be at least with your parents, that is) or you just want to change everything you are doing at the moment.
The last one is what I do not want anyone to do. This might spell disaster in your life! But the earlier two will help in a big way in bringing a new 'you' at the end of that sabbatical. After all everyone needs to have some sort of refresh button in their life.
No matter what we say, in life, some things are indispensable, like parents or sometimes even the people you are living with or friends.
Hope this helps at least one person to understand what is life or what you are going through at this moment or at one point off time in life.
If that happens, I am happy!

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