Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bangladesh, language et al

It’s been a very long time since I have filled up my blog. May be a month now? Well, Its been a very long time since I finished my second overseas assignment. It was good indeed to have a feel of the neighbouring Bangladesh, after the brief visit to the West Indies. West Indies experience was not so pleasant though. Considering the fact that India did badly in the World Cup and came back in the first round itself.
I must tell you my experience in the Bangladesh. Yes, the food, the people apart. The language people speak there should not just be a concern for the travellers who go there, but also for the country as such as to allow itself to grow in the new world. The technology, the IT, the new media and what not. Everything needs English. Gosh, there’s nobody who can at least understand the English language on the streets. Please don’t get offended if you either have a soft corner or you are from that part of the world. But, I am happy if you have read this. Because, it is you who can try & make a change.

No matter whatever the country can boast of. But, if there are no much communication skills around, then the whole purpose is lost. Even if one wants to enhance the number of tourists, then also one must have the communication skills better than what it is now. I met none who could speak or understand proper English in a hotel, throughout my 20 days stay there.
Enough of that. Bangladesh is not that bad at all in terms of a travel destination. There has been no work done to improve the beautiful travel spots here. May be you can speak of Cox’s Bazaar beach, the longest in the world. Or you can also speak about the beautiful temples in the capital city of Dhaka. Dhaakeshwari Temple is a beautiful temple one can visit. But, the two thousand year old Buddha Vihaar , and the Rama Temple near that Vihaar situated right in the Cox’s Bazaar is an interesting place to visit.
One thing I missed is, visiting some of the beautiful places in Chittagong. The 1857’s martyr’s tombs, and the Foy’s lake, are the places I couldn’t go to. But, one big accomplishment is the interview of Sheikh Hasina. It was a life time opportunity for me. I should consider myself very lucky for that.
Enough of biographical notes, one must visit this country to get the feel of a south Asian countryside. And of course, don’t forget to get a feel of the Cycle Rickshaws. One wonders how a million of the Rickshaws crisscross around the city of Dhaka, which takes care of 30 per cent of the total commuting of the city. Yes, you read it right. A million of them. But, it’s high time that the authorities controlled the number of the Rickshaws and may be they can go for the tried and tested CNGs, as they call it.

Just tell me how was the experience of reading this. If you have either been to Bangla or a resident of that country, do let me know your thoughts about what I have written here...

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