Saturday, March 17, 2007

Caribbean Reality- Almost!

It has finally happened. After a wait of over ten days and more, now am on my way to the Caribbean Islands to witness the war of the bigwigs in this Cricket Bonanza. Though it was unfortunate that the journey had to be late and had to miss the Opening ceremony, Opening match and the first match India played in the event, I find myself lucky to be a part of this mega event.
Well, that’s about the dream and the realization of that dream. But, the journey itself is very eventful. I am at the Gatwick Airport in London now. Which is the final airport I will be waiting before I land in the Caribbean Islands. Hmmm, in fact the flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai got delayed, had to wait in Hyderabad, the flight to London also got delayed, another few hours in Mumbai airport and now waiting in to go to Antigua.
Okey, but my stay at London was really eventful. It will surely be in my memory for the years to come. Yes, this is how my night here was spent. I somehow met somebody who hails from India. And, as the destiny had it, I spent the whole night talking with them. What I got is similar to a sight of a beacon when you are in the deep sea. A person who was supposed to look for a hotel room right outside the airport got somebody to share his time inside the airport itself.
Finally, the time has arrived. We will be boarding the flight in a few minutes. Lets hope India does good!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Caribbean Dreams

It has been a very long wait... 23 loooong years. Every Indian Cricket Team Fan is saying the same thing. And yes, even the Indian Cricket Team has been coming near the cup and has been failing to win it. The quadrennial event that is the dream of every cricketer has come back now and yes, its being held in the Caribbean Islands. The conglomerate of various Island Nations are coming together to conduct this event. Considering that the small islands and the amount of infrastructure required for this mammoth event, nobody is sure how far the Caribbean island is ready for it. One comment has already come from the African continent, which conducted the last world cup. Shaun Pollock has expressed his displeasure about the way the arrangements have been made for their nets and also the other basic amenities. If this was not enough, the blast at the Team hotels has raised the concerns of no only the teams which were there, but also the other participating teams. The issue of sending a special sixteen member team from India to give security to the Indian team also had raised many peoples' eyebrows. Hmmm... So much about the general preparations at the Caribbean. An estimate says more than 400-500 cricket crazy go to the Caribbean from Bangalore itself. If this is the number from the Garden city alone, imagine the amount of cricket fans arriving at the Islands. But, the accommodation is going to be a very difficult task, since the islands do not provide enough of it. So, lets see. They have been the champions in the first two editions of the event. And have come up as favourites in this edition, after winning the Champions trophy in 2004 and coming till the finals last years. And also, their team is looking good with the way it is now, though there is a lack of the champions they had in the earlier days. Lara thought, is confident of breaking he record and bagging the Cup though being a host nation, which ha never happened earlier. Lets see. If Lara's fellows prove themselves or not. But, the basic question is now, if the event is run smoothly. Let us hope for the best!!!