Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy's Endings...

want to see through life, the way we do through a Sunglass. But is that possible. Can we read people's minds? Can we possibly smile at the person and say, "dude, you are lying"!
How would life be, if we could read what is in store in the next minute, not the whole life. Funny, isn't it? Almost every one of us has thought about this aspect so many times in our life. even now, when you were reading the earlier lines, I am sure you were thinking, "Well, he thinks he is spilling the beans about this particular aspect of everyone's life". Sorry, I am not trying to do that. I am in a state of mind, where I want to see things the way they really are and say, "Good, things are all fine. Now I don' have to worry about anything."
I always yearn for an ideal world, and almost everyone of us do. And I wont stop at that. I further think and come to a conclusion that life should be the way it is, I dont have any rights to think that God has not given me the things which I badly want in life. I feel that is where the real thrill lies. Otherwise where is the need to lead the life.
Funnily, all of us think this way, but never stop from thinking about the ideal world and ideal life. A Happy Ending. Well, that Happy Ending can happen only in stories, films. I still wish.
Happy's Endings!