Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It had been 'quiet' a while

It has been quite a while since this blog of mine had any activity.
There are so many things to share and so many reasons why I should have penned down my thoughts and informations here, a lot earlier than today. However, I have finally got out of the spell of procrastination and here in front of you.
The past one year has changed a lot in me and also in my career. And in this period I got a chance to make a documentary on Lost Lakes of Bangalore called 'Err-bane Truth' (click on the name for the link of the VIDEO) along with my friend Nishant Ratnakar. It was a wonderful experience to make that documentary. It also won the Lost Lakes of Bangalore contest conducted by Arghyam Foundation which runs indiawaterportal.org. Apart from this, we are awaiting t
he results
of a contest, run by Hyderabad Film Festival. Hope things are in our favour and it will all be known on the last d
ay of June! (more details of the fest: cinebees.com)
And I am going to complete an year with Suvarna Entertainment Channel and will soon be working as a part time voice over artist for them, instead of the present full time job.
My intention is to work full time on making documentaries etc in the coming days and commit myself more into a little bit of more writing and more travel than I have done in the last few years. The idea is to not waste my time at the office, and spend more of it outside, because, there is SO MUCH to see and do in here!

Vijaya Next, a Kannada Magazine run by Times Of India group featured my opinions on the Radio scenario and Radio Jockeys in particular, attached here is an image of the same.
And there is more to come. Please keep watching this space for the further information on the same.
Thank you!
Badekkila Pradeep

Thursday, April 08, 2010

'August Rush' and gushing emotions!

"The music is within us. All we have to do is Listen"
I think that's the beauty of music. It is there everywhere and within us too. Just stay tuned to the music that plays within you.
I just finished watching this movie 'August Rush' which blew me away and had no option but to let it out at least in this way.
The last film I saw about music was 'Music and Lyrics' and I had thought that the movie was brilliant. And August Rush, released in 2007 steals the cake without doubt. And I bow to the director for creating this wonderful work of art.
This whole write up is an outcome of the sudden emotional outburst I am having right now after watching the movie. I don't have words to describe how I am feeling right now. And I feel the way the child artist Freddie Highmore has performed is brilliant. I loved the way the beautiful Keri Russel looks in the movie and I think beauty cannot surpass the way she looks when she is performing the Cello in E Minor at the concert. Wow, what a sight. And Jonathan Rhys Meyers' performance is still ringing in my ears!
Thank you Kirsten Sheridan (the director) for creating this wonderful piece!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Banana joke

There was this lazy person who wanted to eat a banana but was too lazy to go get it from the shop. So he starts praying God to give him a banana to eat. Surprisingly, God listens to his prayer and provides him with the best banana one can ever get anywhere in the world!
But it was a foot away from him. He wouldn't move an inch and prayed God some more and told him that he wanted it to be put in his mouth.
Suddenly he sees a person passing by but he was too lazy to ask him for a help.
Are we all like this in life sometimes. The 'maggi' is in the kitchen and I am so damn hungry and I am not even ready to even go boil some water and put that damn thing in it for sometime and eat it!
I hate to say that most of us have become this because of the situations or just because we do not want to do a little bit of physical exercise to help ourselves.
I do not want to be like this anymore, but as I am typing this, I am feeling too lazy to go pick my mobile up and message this to that friend of mine, or just 'comment' on his/her FB page 'wall'!

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year, New Decade, New Hope!

It is a new year and hope it is a happy one at that
and it is not just a beginning for the new year... It is also the beginning of a new decade.
We all celebrated the beginning with a bang. Well almost all of us.
Hope this isnt as bad a decade as 2000-2009 turned out to be.
the decade gone past had got us reasons to be sad and angry. Be it the WTC collapse or the WMD issue, the killing of Saddam or the recession, the Copenhagen fiasco or many more similar things. India too saw a lot of trouble in terms of political confusion, the attack on Akshardham, the parliament attack, 26/11 Mumbai attacks in 2002, the Mumbai floods, bomb attacks in various places like Mumbai, Gujarath, Varanasi, Delhi etc. Even Karnataka saw many troublesome days, like the political confusion created first by Kumaraswamy and then by Reddy brothers recently. The state also had its share of trouble in recent days in the form of floods in the northern part of the state. Dr Rajkumar's kidnap by forest brigand Veerappan, and later Rajkumar's death and the confusion during the cremation. The recent deaths of great Hindustani Classical Singer Gangubai Hanagal, Singer C Ashwath and the Sahasa Simha Vishnuvardhan.
I am not trying to document the incidents of the decade. This is just the recollection of the happenings of the decade in my own way.
The 2012 scare is still looming large and people have more reason to worry since that date is nearer than ever now. Dec 21, 2012 may not be the 'date' with fate. It could just turn out to be the beginning of some more trouble for the planet. This is not because the world is coming to an end. According to me, the world needs to look at the climate issues more seriously than ever, and at least the end of the World syndrome should fuel the fight against the cause of Climate Change to a large extent.
I hope Dec 21, 2012 is not the last day of the World or the Planet.
the previous sentence does not seem as optimistic as I started this article, isn't it?