Sunday, December 09, 2007

Chuck those Sunday Blues!

Yes, you have read it right!
Sundays are always not fun... It can be boring and sad unless you try to make it spicy.
I am into some crazy thoughts again. Because I am too bored of another Sunday. Doing nothing, and being here in the office. But, I am sure it will get a bit busy in the evening, as always, that's because its a Sunday!
What can we do on a Sunday? Anything, yes, anything, but which can be useful for you. After all a Sunday is not to waste it just like that! So, get up early on that day, try and see the morning sun, preferably from a peaceful place, secluded from people and traffic (if you are in the city that is). I think then we can know how beautiful the morning is, which we goes unnoticed on the day-to-day life.
Yes, I found a new way to wake up to on a Sunday, and it is a beautiful Sunday, if you go out on the streets and find out that there's less traffic, not much chaos, no trouble of finding your own space on the road! Try riding your two-wheeler or four-wheeler on the calm streets of that beautiful day. You naturally travel back to the 1970-80s... or much better, to the 1960s! How much fun...
Another way to have a beautiful Sunday!
The parks, the multiplexes, the pubs, the... the list goes on, hey, you have plenty of options, don't you think so! But, please avoid them, at least on a Sunday in the Garden City, Bangalore, you know why, they are not the places to have your own time, everyone will enjoy that. Get a life man! look out for more options, be innovative.
Hey one more fun, chuck that two or four-wheeler thing from mind. Go for an Eco-friendly idea. Step onto your bicycle! more fun, less hassle, less pollution, a little better environment. A small contribution from you too!
If I can come out with so many ideas to spend the time creatively on a Sunday, why can't you? Yes, I am sure you will do better!
All the best, would like to hear from you more about your next Sunday, the Sunday without any blues!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Here's another article!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Kannada Works, Just two here!

Just have a look... My postings on the Prakashaka Website During Alva's Nudisiri 2004... Was going through the website, got sursprised to know they are still there... It has made me feel like writing again in Kannada again...!
read on:

Friday, November 09, 2007

Mumbai Floods and me...

(This is a write up I had written almost two years ago, a little while after the Mumabi Flood happened... Please read on and relive the experiences along with me!)
Day 1…26 July 2005, Tuesday
The day went on as usual till late in the afternoon. I had class from 11 am to 6 pm. But, during the lunch break, we noticed that it was raining heavily in the city. (We sit inside a closed room, a studio, so there is no connection with the outside world for us till we come out of the classes). Little did we know that the rain is not going to stop that day and the almost the whole city is not going to sleep that night!!!
It was at 4 pm break, the college management announced that the classes would not be held furthermore because of the incessant rain in the city. It is quite natural in Mumbai (previous Bombay) that at least once in a year the city grinds to an uneasy halt.
5 pm…
I came out of the class, decided that I will catch the Local Train as soon as possible, otherwise the service will stop. But, by my good luck or bad luck (I am not sure about that, still), the service had stopped already in my route (that is Central Railway (CR) from Chathrapathi Shivaji Terminus or CST). I had to go to Kurla, from where; I had to take a bus to Kalina, which is almost 15 minutes journey on a normal day. It was 5 pm then. I waited there for one hour. The terminus was jam-packed with people. The train service had stopped at least two hours ago. Later I got to know from someone that the Western Railway (WR) service had not stopped until he heard about it. The station of the WR is at least 20 mins. away from CST (the station is called Church gate Terminus) by walk.
6 pm…
Now I start going to that station, but I come to know that the WR is also closed long ago and all the people are going back to their offices and staying there until the rain subsides and the train service resumes.
I decide to go back to the college, which is on the same route. Almost all my classmates were there in the canteen, waiting, just like me. I feel happy for a moment that I am not the only person from my class! We wait there for a while and decide to go to a coffee shop to pass the remaining time. Nobody knows how long is that remaining time is!!!
9 pm…
Decided and started to go to ________ Restaurant. By this time some had already gobbled something in the college canteen (including me), or in McDonald's or had gulped something in Barista. It was almost half hour walk from where we were to the Restaurant, situated near another theatre, Regal.
Slowly the group started to realize that the either the rain or train is going to change its course of work, one to rest, the other to stop resting.
11 pm…
Everyone starts to decide on where to stay that night. The girls disperse into groups of two or three. Two guys suddenly disappear, another classmate of ours comes to help two of us get shelter for the night. Finally the new friend (of the other course) and
I get a shelter in an apartment of the classmate's friend. We spend the night there. By this time the rain had not yet stopped.
Day 2…
27 July 2005, Wednesday
7 am…
We get up and the morning seems really normal and leave the house almost at 8. We get a bus to Shivaji Park (near Dadar). Reach the stop by 9.30.
The duo you are following knows little about all this.
We waited for the bus to either Bandra or Santa Cruz. But there was no bus in the scene for a long while. So we decide to walk the rest of the distance. (Imagine, it is almost 7 to 8 kms). It was almost 10.45 am when we reached Bandra, where my friend lives. He takes the route to his home and I continue walking. Soon, I encounter a new problem in front of me, which we never did in the path till Bandra. The S.V. Road right after link road of Bandra was submerged in knee-deep water. I have a big decision to make, I thought. Either I have to walk through that water for almost 300 meters or should take a long way through link road, which is a very long route.
Now I continue to walk through the knee deep water along with hundreds and thousands of people along with me.
As soon as I feel relaxed that I have come out of the water clogged area, within fifteen minutes, I encounter another such situation, this time between Khar and Santacruz. This area did not have as much water as the Bandra area had. So, I move further. Immense show of cordiality and hospitality was seen in the local residents. From children to aged, a housewife to office-goers, everyone had been instrumental in helping either the jammed traffic to move or with distributing the biscuit packets, water, or any aid to the troubled public. The cops never came in picture, even when they did; they were busy shouting at a group of people apparently for no serious cause. Probably they thought that their work is just to jump at the public and nothing more than that.
I finally reach Santacruz and cross the railway over bridge. I hear the news that the Vakola area is totally submerged in water and nobody can cross. Though bewildered and worried, I move on to take a chance. Crazy, you would say! Still I go further, and find that the road is not in as bad a position as the people told me earlier. But, the previous night the Vakola road had chest high water.
12.30 pm…
I successfully reach my room in Kalina
Well… this is the story that happened in the distress period. The city has come a long way since then. I also have grown my knowledge about this enormous city, or the Brihannagari…. The show must go on for Mumbai, and is going on, as usual………..

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Help Yourselves!

Deepavali means a lot of light and happiness for a lot of people... Hmmm.. is it the same for everyone? Well, it cannot be, that's what one would say, and that's the practical way of looking at things, and most likely that making everyone happy is also not possible. I have not started sounding like a philosopher, before I start sounding so, I will make my intentions clear. This is not about myself bragging about how I am trying to bring some change in some one's life or, have helped a beggar on the streets.
I think this kind of things will make no difference with those who never bother about the things like this. And I think its OK too! May be because if everyone is good, there's no room for special people in this world or even if everyone is happy and content, where's room for those who dare to do something special, struggle and come out of those difficult times in their life.
Haan, now I have started to sound like an extremist. Naah, I am not even that. That's not my intention also. To garner support from you guys and start a movement. I could have tried doing that here. But, I in no mood to do all that. Woh mera kaam nahin hai! (Thats not my job, I suppose!)
I am here to just say that, lets do our work, with utmost humbleness, and topmost devotion. I think that's how we can make that special thing in life. And, if time permits, try and make something special in someone else's life. Because, that's when one will have the authority and right to make something special for them.
I think the though flow can also have this kind of a stream. And, this is perfectly not being selfish. Its just asking to be self-confident before helping others.
What say?
Let me know anybody agrees to this or not!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Out of the ordinary

Think out of the ordinary... Everybody tells the same thing to the person who he thinks is not doing well in life. But, did we reallyu think about it and said, yes, I will think and do out of the ordinary. Hey, its not easy dude. I know not because I have achieved it, but because I have tried to doing it and it's really difficult man.
Take the example of the format shows in the Indian television. They are the tried and tested format shows. And haan, it all started here with the dawn and the success of Amithab Bachchan superhit (I thought this word is apt!), The KBC. The success paved way for a hoard of a format to shows to the indian televisoion arena. And, not surprisingly, they all became hits too. We know the importance of the usage of sentiments. We human beings are very sensitive to all these things no matter which age we live in (Some say we are in the tech age, the 21st century it seems! Please let me know the exact definition of this age. Hey, the reason for confusion is this bloody age keeps growing maan. Yeah, the thinking style changes, the technology changes and this is obviously the beginning.).
Che Che, I keep doing this mistake, meandering and going away from the topic! Theek hai, the ,matter is that the box we have to think out of is very very big, and may be that is the reason very few are able to either think or do out of the box. But, sadly, we tend to think that the process of thinking out of the ordinary or box or whatever is doing whacky things, which are obviously not an usual thing to do in the usual day-to-day life. DO you think this is what which is meant to be doing that; outta ordinary!
Let's talk again about the format shows, the Indian Idols, the fame gurus and the Big Brothers have all become the superhit shows in the Indian conext. Very rarely people like Gajendra Singh might have succeeded with the formats like Sa Re Ga Ma and Antakshari. But, they are the real creative works; they are called thinking out of box. Though they are a small example, there are quite a few of them who have achived in their respective fields, and to get that taste of success they have done the same thing we have contemplating on all these while.
I think you might have heard about the person who was reason behind the success of Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Central etc, Mr Kishore Biyani. He thought differently, and he became the success. I think he is the new example for success in India. More about him later.
Forget about trying to be different from others... That is not at all the funda of life... But, doing something out of the ordinary is where you can score the most!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Cheeni Kum and Shivaji

Both are of two different languages. Both belong to two different genres. But, one thing is for sure. Both will entertain you to the fullest.
If that was the beginning of this post, the reason for this post, after a gap of quite a few days is also the same. The films made me write this stuff. Both have been done with a lot of humour and laughter factor in them. Though the movies came after a few days gap from each other, I watched them one after the other, on two consecutive days. Lets talk about the first movie first.
Cheeni Kum,( this is the first movie since I watched it first!) the Amithabh Bachchan, Tabu starrer is a laugh riot just because it has a lot to offer in terms of soft humour. It comes in the way of simple sentences uttered by the duo. If Nishabd was a dampener, this one is quite a hit because of its fun factor. (I am not trying to compare the two films anymore since I have not watched the other movie yet) Amitabh is very good as the cook come the sixty-plus romantic. And one starts liking Tabu from the first frame itself.
And yes, I couldn’t control myself from becoming the victim of her acting and the scripting after listening to the conversation of the couple about inviting her to the comedy show. The scene starts with Amitabh (Buddha in the movie and as Tabu calls him, Ghaas Poos, the veggie) calling her for a coffee in his restaurant thinking he can apologise for making her feel uncomfortable in an earlier situation. Finally he calls her to a Comedy Show the next evening. For that she just jumps out and starts telling that how could he think that she will come if he asks her to, and all the men are similar, and so on. Suddenly, at the end of it all, after making Buddha repent for what he offered, she asks what time she should come there. I just could not ignore the magical way how the script writer has worked for that at least. First things first, the story, the script, the music, and the acting, all are par excellence.
Sexy is too sexy by the way. The child who is suffering from blood cancer makes you laugh, think, cry. Director has used the character and the artist very well in the movie. The artist is also brilliant. (Sorry, couldn’t collect the information about her, though you can see her in quite a number of TVCs, Think one is the paint ad with the granny and the chocolate wall!) The best friend of Buddha, the above the age thinking and the sad moments of her suffering and passing away are beautifully narrated. Though I was first attracted by the song Jane Do Na in the movie, which is a remake of the song Jote Joteyali in Geeta, a Kannada movie of 1980s, (I have posted an article on that subject earlier). I think the movie and its storyline, acting, and everything made me love the movie.
Now, let’s talk about the southern superstar’s super movie. Rajanikanths’s Sivaji.
Rajani Saar and his super star image go hand in hand. And, the first kiss was amazing, No, I’m not trying to say that Rajani has tried to imitate Imran Hashmi here. I am talking about the first movie that I watched of Rajani, Rajani in and as Sivaji is very good. The picturisation, the Rajani style, everything appeals the mass audience. I think the 3 and a half hours of the movie just takes you with it. It’s the Rajani factor, that’s attracting you and the tremendous humour and the tinge of laughter factor intertwined in almost all the scenes till the climax that’s what attracts you. One thing I must say is that though the language is a factor which might make you not go to the movie, then you should go and watch the movie today itself.
I think there’s a lot to tell about the movie, but I think, walking into a theatre and watching the movie is better than explaining about it!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kalavaara Trek...

There's a lot to tell about the expedition we had to the Kalavaara Betta, last week. Yes, its exactly a week since we went there. But, the memory and the moments are still in the heart. No, I am not being too emotional here. The climb to the top of the hill was fun, though tiring. But believe me, it was one among the best I have ever had.
I am not new to this kind of treks. But, I will tell you thing, the pictures below will tell you how much fun we had. It was in fact the first, official expedition I did, for my channel. So, it was a free fun! I had to file a special capsule (story, programme) on the expedition to that hill. This place, the Kalavaara Betta or the Skanda Giri as it is called sometimes, is some 70-80 kms from Bangalore. So, its a beautiful place for a one day trek for the Bangaloreans.
(Will come back later to get more details about the trek for you!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let’s talk music

Let’s talk music. Talking about music is not always music to ears isn’t it? Well, this one’s not so, because this is about the song that will soothe your ears. This is ‘Jane Do Na’, from Cheeni Kum(2007), or can even be ‘Jote Joteyali’ from Geetha (1980). The latest music release, which is actually the re-done verson of the old Kananda song is a very beautiful number. Even as I type in these words, it’s the ‘Jane Do Na’ that is making me do so. The Ilayaraja magic at it’s best I should say. Though few people would like the idea of using the same old tune in the new Amitabh Bachchan starrer, the magic of the music is doubled by the enchanting voice of Shreya Ghoshal. She has that very sweet voice that is needed for this kind of song.
It’s a waste if I end without saying anything about the ‘Jote Joteyali’, It’s a wonderful song, which needs no introduction if one is acquainted with the Kannada songs. The Shankar Nag starrer Geetha is the movie which got the acclamation in those days and the song still a rage in Kannada. It is one of the most requested Kannada songs ever. Ilayaraja’s another tune from ‘Pallavi Anupallavi’ which goes like ‘madhura milana’, which is used as the signature tune for the Idea Mobile. One must have heard Sunidhi singing Nine eight tarara… in the laest commercial by the mobile company.
Back to the Hindi number. ‘Jane Do Na’ has got a sweet voice with Shreya Ghoshal coming in. And Ilayaraj has used new instruments in this composition in comparison with the old version. Plus, the old song was a duet between S P Balasubramaniam and S Janaki. Both were at their best.
All in all, this Ilayaraja magic still works man!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bangladesh, language et al

It’s been a very long time since I have filled up my blog. May be a month now? Well, Its been a very long time since I finished my second overseas assignment. It was good indeed to have a feel of the neighbouring Bangladesh, after the brief visit to the West Indies. West Indies experience was not so pleasant though. Considering the fact that India did badly in the World Cup and came back in the first round itself.
I must tell you my experience in the Bangladesh. Yes, the food, the people apart. The language people speak there should not just be a concern for the travellers who go there, but also for the country as such as to allow itself to grow in the new world. The technology, the IT, the new media and what not. Everything needs English. Gosh, there’s nobody who can at least understand the English language on the streets. Please don’t get offended if you either have a soft corner or you are from that part of the world. But, I am happy if you have read this. Because, it is you who can try & make a change.

No matter whatever the country can boast of. But, if there are no much communication skills around, then the whole purpose is lost. Even if one wants to enhance the number of tourists, then also one must have the communication skills better than what it is now. I met none who could speak or understand proper English in a hotel, throughout my 20 days stay there.
Enough of that. Bangladesh is not that bad at all in terms of a travel destination. There has been no work done to improve the beautiful travel spots here. May be you can speak of Cox’s Bazaar beach, the longest in the world. Or you can also speak about the beautiful temples in the capital city of Dhaka. Dhaakeshwari Temple is a beautiful temple one can visit. But, the two thousand year old Buddha Vihaar , and the Rama Temple near that Vihaar situated right in the Cox’s Bazaar is an interesting place to visit.
One thing I missed is, visiting some of the beautiful places in Chittagong. The 1857’s martyr’s tombs, and the Foy’s lake, are the places I couldn’t go to. But, one big accomplishment is the interview of Sheikh Hasina. It was a life time opportunity for me. I should consider myself very lucky for that.
Enough of biographical notes, one must visit this country to get the feel of a south Asian countryside. And of course, don’t forget to get a feel of the Cycle Rickshaws. One wonders how a million of the Rickshaws crisscross around the city of Dhaka, which takes care of 30 per cent of the total commuting of the city. Yes, you read it right. A million of them. But, it’s high time that the authorities controlled the number of the Rickshaws and may be they can go for the tried and tested CNGs, as they call it.

Just tell me how was the experience of reading this. If you have either been to Bangla or a resident of that country, do let me know your thoughts about what I have written here...

Monday, May 14, 2007

‘Beautiful’ Country

I am in Bangladesh, the neighbour of India. I should not be saying the neighbour, Bangladesh is a younger brother (or a sister? I m sure many will have their own reasons for their arguments!) of India in all respects. Well, having said that, I have given a good to my write-up about my journey to this land of rich culture and sweltering heat! The first thing an Indian notices when he reaches this country is its humid weather. May be since we reached in the month of May we got the opportunity to experience more of it. But, I am sure even in the other season, the country would have more hot days than cool ones.

This country has a lot of beautiful things to know about. But sadly, that’s not one gets to see in the beginning itself. In fact even after being here for more than 4-5 days, I haven’t been able to see the beautiful part of it more. But, the first thing one would experience here is the way the people here are and the vehicles behave!
There’s a reason behind bringing in the traffic part of it. I think this is the only place on earth where you can find ‘anything possible’ crisscrossing the roads. Anything means anything. I had the terrible experience on the second day of my Dhaka stay itself that I had to travel by keeping the life in my hands.
Hmmm, now that I am heading to the south part of the country, the beautiful Chittagong, I am expecting a lot fro that city. I am sure, I will not be disappointed. Its 12.25 a m (Bangladesh Time). My journey would start in another 20 minutes. Wish me happy journey!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Caribbean Reality- Almost!

It has finally happened. After a wait of over ten days and more, now am on my way to the Caribbean Islands to witness the war of the bigwigs in this Cricket Bonanza. Though it was unfortunate that the journey had to be late and had to miss the Opening ceremony, Opening match and the first match India played in the event, I find myself lucky to be a part of this mega event.
Well, that’s about the dream and the realization of that dream. But, the journey itself is very eventful. I am at the Gatwick Airport in London now. Which is the final airport I will be waiting before I land in the Caribbean Islands. Hmmm, in fact the flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai got delayed, had to wait in Hyderabad, the flight to London also got delayed, another few hours in Mumbai airport and now waiting in to go to Antigua.
Okey, but my stay at London was really eventful. It will surely be in my memory for the years to come. Yes, this is how my night here was spent. I somehow met somebody who hails from India. And, as the destiny had it, I spent the whole night talking with them. What I got is similar to a sight of a beacon when you are in the deep sea. A person who was supposed to look for a hotel room right outside the airport got somebody to share his time inside the airport itself.
Finally, the time has arrived. We will be boarding the flight in a few minutes. Lets hope India does good!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Caribbean Dreams

It has been a very long wait... 23 loooong years. Every Indian Cricket Team Fan is saying the same thing. And yes, even the Indian Cricket Team has been coming near the cup and has been failing to win it. The quadrennial event that is the dream of every cricketer has come back now and yes, its being held in the Caribbean Islands. The conglomerate of various Island Nations are coming together to conduct this event. Considering that the small islands and the amount of infrastructure required for this mammoth event, nobody is sure how far the Caribbean island is ready for it. One comment has already come from the African continent, which conducted the last world cup. Shaun Pollock has expressed his displeasure about the way the arrangements have been made for their nets and also the other basic amenities. If this was not enough, the blast at the Team hotels has raised the concerns of no only the teams which were there, but also the other participating teams. The issue of sending a special sixteen member team from India to give security to the Indian team also had raised many peoples' eyebrows. Hmmm... So much about the general preparations at the Caribbean. An estimate says more than 400-500 cricket crazy go to the Caribbean from Bangalore itself. If this is the number from the Garden city alone, imagine the amount of cricket fans arriving at the Islands. But, the accommodation is going to be a very difficult task, since the islands do not provide enough of it. So, lets see. They have been the champions in the first two editions of the event. And have come up as favourites in this edition, after winning the Champions trophy in 2004 and coming till the finals last years. And also, their team is looking good with the way it is now, though there is a lack of the champions they had in the earlier days. Lara thought, is confident of breaking he record and bagging the Cup though being a host nation, which ha never happened earlier. Lets see. If Lara's fellows prove themselves or not. But, the basic question is now, if the event is run smoothly. Let us hope for the best!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

How the mind works!!!

I think that is how our mind works. You always keep thinking of what you are given the responsibility of. Same thing happened this morning. When traveling to Mumbai. The station where our train stopped for some time had a room with a board saying ‘station engineer’. This mind doesn’t read that, instead, I see it as ‘Selection engineer’ from where the hell did this Selection in place of Section?!!!
That’s what I called the work of the mind. I am on the way to Mumbai to attend and cover the Team India selection committee meeting. Well, there the word!!! SELECTION!!!
You might I am crazy isn’t it!! Well, may be I am! But, hey, I am sure, it must have happened to everybody. One will agree to it if they are honest at least to themselves!!!
Hmm… I am on the way now…Looking forward to the stay in Mumbai. Its going to be a hell of an experience I am sure. Going there after at least 8 months gap. But, the life and the times have changed drastically now. I am no more the Student Pradeep who had gone to Mumbai last time. It’s the assignment I am give to accomplish that has made me travel to the Business Hub of India this time.
Hope to have a rocking time there.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Not Just Cauvery

Well... Looing at what I have written till now... Dont think its just this. Its not that i am going to write dow only serious stuff. So... There going to be some spice and some fun...
will get back later then...

Cauvery... Enough is enough

Is the thing we are doing now is enough?
Some may say yes, some NO.
But, I would say, It is ENOUGH. Bloodbath is not the only solution for everythng. That reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi's words: 'An eye for an eye will make the world blind'
And this is exactly waht is happening around the world. The WTC is attacked by the Osama Bin and party, and the whole of Afganistan is burnt completely, byt the US forces. Is the terrorism over now? Not at all. But still the Emperor Of USofA is emphatic about his victory there. And, he becomes another dictator when he hangs the emperor, atocrat of Iraq, Mr Saddma Hussain.
Stil, is the peace prevailing in the country of Iraq?
Sad isn't it. That, the blood is flown on the banks Cauvery, when the water flows calm and quiet. The riots of 1991 brings all the sad memories of the controversy. Has the controvrsy ended? It is very much there and moe importantly is going tobe there for years from now.
May be, it will end when the river stops flowing, or the human race sucks the wole water out of the holy river.
Lets see... Which comes first.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cauvery Row: What is in store for Karnataka

Cauvery Tribunal Verdict has not flamed out the amount of tension and violence it was thought to have. But ye, the issue is not going to end here itself. Because the issue has just gotten the support of all the associations and the leaders in the state. The bund called by the various association has been postponed by 4 days to the 12th of February.
So, the state will, in all probability, remaincalm untill then.Yes, of course, small incidents here and there will surely flare up the violence.
But, the real question is, what is the verdict saying?

In the Interim Order givn by the Tribunal in 1991 asked Karnatak to release 205 tmcft of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu. And the final verdct given on 5th February asks Karnataka to give 192 tmcft of water each year. Nut, the real factor lies here. The water to be gven according to the interim order shoud be measured from the Mettur area. But, the new order says the measuement should be donefrom Biliundlu, some 20 kms away towards Tamil Nadu. This also means that the water collected along this 20 km lenght should be given to Tamil Nadu, which measures at around 25 tmcft every year.
Tis is the stark reality.
Karnataka is shown in the main verdict to have been given some respit. But the reality is Karnataka now is forced to give 12 tmcft more to Tamil Nadu every year.
And some more facts here:
* Karnataka had asked for 456 tcft. But it is given just 270 tmcft of water.
* Tamil Nadu is given 419 though it had asked for 562 tmcft of water.
* Kerala got 30 while Puduchery got 7 tmcft.
* Another interesting fact. The commitee which had been give the work to assess the amount of water hich can be awarded to the various states had said that Tamil Nadu be given around 395 tmcft of water while Karnataka was entitled around 230-240 tmcft of water. But, the tribunal has been kind enough to give more water than the assessed amount.

Well, forget about the facts, Karnataka will be up in flames in the coming days for sure.
So... hold your breath.