Saturday, September 29, 2007

Out of the ordinary

Think out of the ordinary... Everybody tells the same thing to the person who he thinks is not doing well in life. But, did we reallyu think about it and said, yes, I will think and do out of the ordinary. Hey, its not easy dude. I know not because I have achieved it, but because I have tried to doing it and it's really difficult man.
Take the example of the format shows in the Indian television. They are the tried and tested format shows. And haan, it all started here with the dawn and the success of Amithab Bachchan superhit (I thought this word is apt!), The KBC. The success paved way for a hoard of a format to shows to the indian televisoion arena. And, not surprisingly, they all became hits too. We know the importance of the usage of sentiments. We human beings are very sensitive to all these things no matter which age we live in (Some say we are in the tech age, the 21st century it seems! Please let me know the exact definition of this age. Hey, the reason for confusion is this bloody age keeps growing maan. Yeah, the thinking style changes, the technology changes and this is obviously the beginning.).
Che Che, I keep doing this mistake, meandering and going away from the topic! Theek hai, the ,matter is that the box we have to think out of is very very big, and may be that is the reason very few are able to either think or do out of the box. But, sadly, we tend to think that the process of thinking out of the ordinary or box or whatever is doing whacky things, which are obviously not an usual thing to do in the usual day-to-day life. DO you think this is what which is meant to be doing that; outta ordinary!
Let's talk again about the format shows, the Indian Idols, the fame gurus and the Big Brothers have all become the superhit shows in the Indian conext. Very rarely people like Gajendra Singh might have succeeded with the formats like Sa Re Ga Ma and Antakshari. But, they are the real creative works; they are called thinking out of box. Though they are a small example, there are quite a few of them who have achived in their respective fields, and to get that taste of success they have done the same thing we have contemplating on all these while.
I think you might have heard about the person who was reason behind the success of Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Central etc, Mr Kishore Biyani. He thought differently, and he became the success. I think he is the new example for success in India. More about him later.
Forget about trying to be different from others... That is not at all the funda of life... But, doing something out of the ordinary is where you can score the most!

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