Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Help Yourselves!

Deepavali means a lot of light and happiness for a lot of people... Hmmm.. is it the same for everyone? Well, it cannot be, that's what one would say, and that's the practical way of looking at things, and most likely that making everyone happy is also not possible. I have not started sounding like a philosopher, before I start sounding so, I will make my intentions clear. This is not about myself bragging about how I am trying to bring some change in some one's life or, have helped a beggar on the streets.
I think this kind of things will make no difference with those who never bother about the things like this. And I think its OK too! May be because if everyone is good, there's no room for special people in this world or even if everyone is happy and content, where's room for those who dare to do something special, struggle and come out of those difficult times in their life.
Haan, now I have started to sound like an extremist. Naah, I am not even that. That's not my intention also. To garner support from you guys and start a movement. I could have tried doing that here. But, I in no mood to do all that. Woh mera kaam nahin hai! (Thats not my job, I suppose!)
I am here to just say that, lets do our work, with utmost humbleness, and topmost devotion. I think that's how we can make that special thing in life. And, if time permits, try and make something special in someone else's life. Because, that's when one will have the authority and right to make something special for them.
I think the though flow can also have this kind of a stream. And, this is perfectly not being selfish. Its just asking to be self-confident before helping others.
What say?
Let me know anybody agrees to this or not!

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