Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rainy days Are Here!

Going out on a rainy day is very good if you are sure of reaching home without any trouble. But if you are stuck in the rain and have no way out but to wait and wait and wait, then it is not a good thing at all. But well, rainy days are here people! So, go enjoy!
Go enjoy!
I remem
ber very vividly of going out in the rain last year somewhere the same time. The rain had just started embarging on the Bangalore skies and that was a scene to see. The Cubbon Park was beautiful to see and the rains had given a beautiful outlook to the ever beautiful Vidhana Soudha. Searching for a beautiful moment here and there in that rains isn't a difficult task. Because, the
rain turns everything around you beautiful. Asphalted roads may not give us muc
h choice to smell the scent of the first rain falling onto the mud, but even there, it is a pleasure to see it rain and fall to the ground.
The camera was searching for something special. It was a couple which was walking hand in hand in the cubbon park, with no umbrella. May be that couple must have thought this was the best moment to cherish, to get wet in the rain with someone you want to live with for the rest of your lives. Isn't that romantic?
We had some more moments in store for us. A kid trying to sail his paper boat in
front of the Vidhana Soudha. What a sight. I would love to be doing that again, to go back to my childhood days!
The pictures you see and the video you have with this post are just about what I am going to tell next. The rain I witnessed back in my native, Badekkila. Rains are a commonplace in Dakshina Kannada after the month of March. There should at least be one rain once in a week after that month. Or else, the whole coastal belt will start wondering what is wrong with the Maleraya (The Rain God) this time around?
Those rain drops you see are falling on the ground in front of my house! Badekkila is where I belong to and got a chance to see the first rains of the year after a very long time!
It was a moment of joy, a moment I would want to relive again and again in my life. April 12, 2009, 4 O'clock in the evening.
Those sweaty days were all forgotten, which we had experienced in the previous 4 days of the trip to the native.
But I hear the rains have started falling down more profusely these days, but no respite in sight for the hot days there.
Even the good ole cool days are not going to be there in Bangalore too Ii guess. The summer has been very hot and hotter than the previous years which I was here. Luckily, the rains have dawned on the Bangalore skies and hopefully temperature will come down in the coming days. May we ask God for that!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Eighteen years and above only.
Feels good to be in that clan isn't it? But is that all what it means? Being able to go watch an A rated movie, to go to a pub or a bar and drink bottoms up and walk freely around the city late in the night.
It would have been fine if that was the case. But, we need some more things in life. We need to be more responsible they say. Those again, who belong to 'our' clan, those who have crossed eighteen. Why did they tell it, why did 'they' give us so much of freedom, how are we able to enjoy all this when I am sure most of the other countries do not give so much freedom to their young fellas.
It is fun preaching, while not easy at all to follow what we say.
There is a lot of talk happening as to Shut up and Vote and Go Vote etc., but all I would say is that, if we want the freedom that we always enjoy, we have the responsibility to go vote too.