Monday, April 20, 2009


Eighteen years and above only.
Feels good to be in that clan isn't it? But is that all what it means? Being able to go watch an A rated movie, to go to a pub or a bar and drink bottoms up and walk freely around the city late in the night.
It would have been fine if that was the case. But, we need some more things in life. We need to be more responsible they say. Those again, who belong to 'our' clan, those who have crossed eighteen. Why did they tell it, why did 'they' give us so much of freedom, how are we able to enjoy all this when I am sure most of the other countries do not give so much freedom to their young fellas.
It is fun preaching, while not easy at all to follow what we say.
There is a lot of talk happening as to Shut up and Vote and Go Vote etc., but all I would say is that, if we want the freedom that we always enjoy, we have the responsibility to go vote too.

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