Sunday, December 09, 2007

Chuck those Sunday Blues!

Yes, you have read it right!
Sundays are always not fun... It can be boring and sad unless you try to make it spicy.
I am into some crazy thoughts again. Because I am too bored of another Sunday. Doing nothing, and being here in the office. But, I am sure it will get a bit busy in the evening, as always, that's because its a Sunday!
What can we do on a Sunday? Anything, yes, anything, but which can be useful for you. After all a Sunday is not to waste it just like that! So, get up early on that day, try and see the morning sun, preferably from a peaceful place, secluded from people and traffic (if you are in the city that is). I think then we can know how beautiful the morning is, which we goes unnoticed on the day-to-day life.
Yes, I found a new way to wake up to on a Sunday, and it is a beautiful Sunday, if you go out on the streets and find out that there's less traffic, not much chaos, no trouble of finding your own space on the road! Try riding your two-wheeler or four-wheeler on the calm streets of that beautiful day. You naturally travel back to the 1970-80s... or much better, to the 1960s! How much fun...
Another way to have a beautiful Sunday!
The parks, the multiplexes, the pubs, the... the list goes on, hey, you have plenty of options, don't you think so! But, please avoid them, at least on a Sunday in the Garden City, Bangalore, you know why, they are not the places to have your own time, everyone will enjoy that. Get a life man! look out for more options, be innovative.
Hey one more fun, chuck that two or four-wheeler thing from mind. Go for an Eco-friendly idea. Step onto your bicycle! more fun, less hassle, less pollution, a little better environment. A small contribution from you too!
If I can come out with so many ideas to spend the time creatively on a Sunday, why can't you? Yes, I am sure you will do better!
All the best, would like to hear from you more about your next Sunday, the Sunday without any blues!

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