Sunday, January 06, 2008


Smoking, rather No Smoking has been in the news for almost all the wrong and the right reasons lately. But, this post is not regarding why the No Smoking, the film has not done well or even about the Health Dept's various decision with regard to ban the smoking in certain places. I do not want to advocate that. Rather, I would want to tell everyone that why do we need a No Smoking sign where the smokers are not supposed to fag. Instead, why not just Smoking Zones wherever they are allowed to.
I think this argument has its ground because, at least at this situation, the non-smokers can avoid this places. But, look at whats happening now. Non-smokers are taking all the trouble for the pleasure (?!) of the smoking 'Community'. The Smoking Zones would at least make the non-smokers aware and be away from such spots. Why doesn't anyone think that the non-smoker is giving away his freedom for the sake of the Smokers. Why this with the Non-Smokers?
Advocating the non-smokers is not just because I belong to that part of the society, but also that it affects the health of the non-smokers greatly.
What an Irony!
Isn't it so!?

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