Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cauvery Row: What is in store for Karnataka

Cauvery Tribunal Verdict has not flamed out the amount of tension and violence it was thought to have. But ye, the issue is not going to end here itself. Because the issue has just gotten the support of all the associations and the leaders in the state. The bund called by the various association has been postponed by 4 days to the 12th of February.
So, the state will, in all probability, remaincalm untill then.Yes, of course, small incidents here and there will surely flare up the violence.
But, the real question is, what is the verdict saying?

In the Interim Order givn by the Tribunal in 1991 asked Karnatak to release 205 tmcft of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu. And the final verdct given on 5th February asks Karnataka to give 192 tmcft of water each year. Nut, the real factor lies here. The water to be gven according to the interim order shoud be measured from the Mettur area. But, the new order says the measuement should be donefrom Biliundlu, some 20 kms away towards Tamil Nadu. This also means that the water collected along this 20 km lenght should be given to Tamil Nadu, which measures at around 25 tmcft every year.
Tis is the stark reality.
Karnataka is shown in the main verdict to have been given some respit. But the reality is Karnataka now is forced to give 12 tmcft more to Tamil Nadu every year.
And some more facts here:
* Karnataka had asked for 456 tcft. But it is given just 270 tmcft of water.
* Tamil Nadu is given 419 though it had asked for 562 tmcft of water.
* Kerala got 30 while Puduchery got 7 tmcft.
* Another interesting fact. The commitee which had been give the work to assess the amount of water hich can be awarded to the various states had said that Tamil Nadu be given around 395 tmcft of water while Karnataka was entitled around 230-240 tmcft of water. But, the tribunal has been kind enough to give more water than the assessed amount.

Well, forget about the facts, Karnataka will be up in flames in the coming days for sure.
So... hold your breath.

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