Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A pilgrimage...

The temple entrance at Ghati Subrahmanya, a Subrahmanya temple some 15 kms from Doddaballapur. A beautiful place, not just a pilgrimage, but also a wonderful tourist spot I must say. Its just compellingly beautiful.
The Gopura (main tower). The situation was just perfect, the clear sky with those beautiful lines of clouds and the Gopura, and then the Subrahmanya's hood and the twig... It couldn't have been better.

The above three photos are, wow. Yes. For me at least. I love them since they have this element of beauty in it. They are simple. They were taken with just one click. But I love it, for, they have one empty sky  and the gopura (the tower) showcasing as to how the pinacle can be reached and you get the clear sky or the ultimate wisdom in life.

Finally, me with the Gopura (tower) in the background. Self photography. Never mind the expression on my face.
Photo credits: My new Nokia 5800 eXpressMusic Phone!
I like the phone, its capabilities as a touch phone and other features. But I hate it for its bad battery life. Oh, this is not the occassion for all that. I shall come back and shall talk it over to you. What say?
Comments are seeked and yearned for
Badekkila Pradeep


  1. a very warm hi to you mr pardeep. good to know that you have opened up to wider avenues in life. it really gives me a thrill to watch you grow as a writer. keep writing.

  2. thank you very much Adithi for the comment.wider avenues are what I want to reach and I think the reassuring, encouraging comments like this will be boosters, as always!