Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lost in Translation

This piece of write up about Lost in Translation is here for you to read.

And I must say that I watched another movie after watching and writing about Lost In Translation and before putting it in here. That is Changeling. It is one wonderful movie I have ever seen I must say. Lost in Translation is a bit less lovely when compared to Changeling. It is just an amazing movie. I am not finding time to write down thin

gs which made me like that movie, apart from the storyline and of course Angelina in the movie.

Let me not talk much about Changeling here. Cos this place belongs to someone else! Here you go...

It is a six year old movie. But it was one of the best movies which were produced in 2003 I must say*. It was one of the main contenders for the coveted Academy Awards that year, though I do not clearly remember how many Oscars it had won in that year.

But now I am sure it is one movie which is worth the share of publicity it got.

Lost in Translation.

This movie has more things unsaid than said in the whole duration of 1 hour fourty five minutes of so. The protagonist Harris is the eye of the international tourist, specifically the US citizen in Japan. Any outsider will see the country through Harris' eyes.

And well, I am sure anyone will fall for Scarlett Johansson, who played the role of Charlotte in the movie. She looks her best in the movie I must say.

Bill Murray, playing Bob Harris, the superstar from Hollywood, looks like the stereotypical heroes anyone can expects would be. But what touches one’s soul is the way the life story of that person is told without rolling out much of the story of his life. Director's technique of not showing his family and telling the story without them works. And the two lives of Charlotte and Bob are unfolded in a slow, but very natural manner. How both are dissatisfied with their married life, one in his 50s while the other in her mid twenties. One has seen almost 25 years of married life while the other is only of 25 years and married just an year ago.

Bill Murray captivates us by his acting, while Scarlett’s one look is enough! Am I sounding a bit lenient towards her? Well, please watch the movie and you will all nod your heads in agreement!

The director doesn’t lose out anything untold in translation; hence the movie becomes one of your favorites at the end of watching it. The beauty lies in the way the blending of the day today lives in the unknown land for them and the way the affection between two souls grows day by day is done.

The affection towards both the characters grows constantly throughout the movie, just like both of them slowly come nearer. They both might be ages apart, generations apart. But what they find in each other looks like a solace in the middle of nowhere, where both of them don’t have anyone to share their feelings with. Is that what they call finding an oasis in the middle of a dessert? May be so. But the director shows them catching up with each other every time possible, morning, day, evening , night. But the affection does not have a stereotypical angle to it. They end up sleeping in the same bed, but not like how you think! At least this looks very dissimilar to any other Hollywood movie.

So, what is it between them which is building up? Love? Just affection? Are they just sharing their problems with each other? What is it?

The director does not have any intentions of spelling it out.

But I am fine with the way the movie has ended. That’s what I liked in the movie.

Please watch and tell me how you found it!

(*any disputes on this are welcome and they may very well be true. Because this is just my opinion.)

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