Thursday, January 06, 2011

Whats up?!

Hey Wassssup?!
And you might say, sarcastically that you see the ceiling, up!
Whoever says this, has a point and all they see in life, may be, is the ceiling. That according to me means that, they might be looking for a secure future. They might even be looking for a roof above their head.
You might ask me, what do we actually need to see when we see up?
I would say, we need to see the SKY, when we see up!
Sky according to me is abundance, the source of endless joy and wisdom. Sky has no limits, sky has no boundaries, sky doesn't even have something called a fence that will obstruct our vision towards what we want to see. Whatever is up there, is up for our visionary delight.
We always keep telling ourselves that "sky is the limit". Do we put this in practice. Do we have that real vision in our minds?
Now, let us all practice by having Sky as the upper limits.
Now let us analyse what else can we see ''up"?
If, for example, you see the ceiling fan, that means you are limiting your vision only to one thing. And that it is revolving inside your head like that ceiling fan. That restricts your vision and hence the possibility to explore further more than that dies out.
So, don't have the vision of Ceiling Fan Up on your mind, as far as you can.
If you don't even see a ceiling, a ceiling fan or the most important and vital Sky in your mind, and all you see is blankness, it means you are either hallucinating that there is nothing which is worthy in this world, you have no vision for your life or you do not intend to have any vision for your life.
I do not believe in new year resolutions. But, since this post on this particular subject has come up in the beginning of the year, I take this opportunity to tell that let us all take this up as our resolution of the year. Let us all try and live upto our dreams, which is sky high. If we do not have any limits to what we dream., then we wont hesitate to try out new things in life. Had the human race not ventured out on trying out new things in life, we wouldn't be in the place and position where we are today.
So, pls tell me, wasssssssssuup!

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