Saturday, November 01, 2008

Oh Wow... That Head Massage!

The head massage, or so to say a trailer to it, left me craving for more. I had gone for a haircut just last week after a lot of speculation and confusion over whether I should have long hair or a short hair. Finally decided for the latter.
But the matter of discussion is not the hair cut, since it is a commonplace for anybody! That beautiful experience of a long and elaborate head massage has its own effect on you. Believe me; one will stop thinking about everything in this world.
A little bit of oil,(preferably olive!), an experienced hand giving that divine massage. These two and only these two can be enough to rejuvenate one’s mind and soul. All the stress in life washed off and a new begging sees the dawn! That’s not surreal world, but the magic of a good head massage. I don’t have words to describe the beauty of a body massage; perhaps, the main reason can also be that I haven’t had one yet.
What’s that makes one live in tranquility when the head massage is given to him/her? is it the oil that used the reason? Or is it the hand that is giving the massage the reason? Or is it your mind? Simply put, it’s the combination of all these three. According to me, its majorly the person who’s getting the massage is the reason! One may find this ridiculous. But this is the fact with me at least. If at all you are at a beautiful place, with wonderful, serene surrounding, without a proper mindset to enjoy it. Would you be appreciating that wonderful atmosphere? The answer definitely would be a no.
Now the same answer again. It is you who is the major factor for that wonderful massage to take shape in its full stride.
If that hand starts moving slowly on the head, closely moving on the hair, giving that titillating effect, so that one feels he is on cloud nine.
I am hoping with all earnestness that the craving will turn out to be a reality!

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  1. Head massage! umm, you are one lucky bloke to have one. Body massage is wonderful. It is the ultimate bliss (next only to sex, of course)